Intranet / Extranet portals

Many businesses are realizing the potential of Web technologies by implementing Intranet / Extranet applications to improve the internal communication, streamline the workflow and improve productivity. There is a significant difference between Extranet and Intranet solutions. Intranet allows an organization to share and collaborate on documents, projects, calendars via an internal (in-house) server. Extranet, on the other hand, allows remote users, distributed groups, partners or customers to access particular resources that come from a centralized location inside the organization. Administrators manage the permission structure on the portal, controlling what resources are accessible by each specific user group.

Website Development

Technological advancements and explosion of the Internet in the recent years, made business owners realize that their business cannot afford not having a presence on the Web. Any business without a website is constantly losing clients to the competitor with even a simple website. An increasingly large number of people is looking up products and services online, using search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. We have taken our clients through the whole process of designing, developing and promoting a website. We have also helped organizations enhance their current websites. Whether it’s a visual redesign, or a usability improvement, Tech Team Manhattan will bring a lot of expertise and experience to the table.

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