Remote Access / Virtual Desktop

Remote access solution allows users to take their office desktop virtually everywhere they go. Imagine being able to work with your office files, programs, e-mail and access resources on your office network from anywhere in the world.

Tech Team Manhattan secure remote access solutions allow to connect road workers, teleworkers, contractors and Extranet partners to information they need, with the security you need.

Our remote access solution provides secure,managed access to Virtual Desktops (VDI), Windows Terminal Servers, Blade PCs and legacy host systems, enabling organizations to provide users with convenient access to all the business, office and education applications they require to maintain effective business operations.A remote access server enables users who are not on a local network to access, retrieve, file, and print services as though they were. For example, people telecommuting to the office from home may dial into a remote access server. Through that server, users may access drives and printers in the office as though they were connected to the internal office LAN.Security is a paramount consideration in remote access applications.

Remote Desktop

Save time by centralizing IT infrastructure management functions at your main office.

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